This May be the Best Team USA Ever



After a Ryder Cup victory last season and this most recent President’s Cup, it is starting to be talked about. This USA team is GOOD. This may be one of the best teams in USA history.

The thing about this team is they are deep, not just top heavy.

With teams in the past, they have had the talent at the top to get them close to beating teams, but never the depth.

If you look at the 12 men they put out at Liberty National, it is hard to think they will lose anytime soon.

You have the two studs in Jordan Spieth and Patrick Reed who are your workhorses. Although Reed isn’t always there on Sunday’s during PGA events it seems like he ramps it up when he is in red, white and blue.

After that you have a minor downgrade, if any, to Rickie Fowler and Justin Thomas who compliment each other like peanut butter and jelly.

After that you have a slew of solid golfers who could all go out and win a PGA event on any given week.

We saw this during the President’s Cup where it seemed like the USA could roll out their “weakest” foursome against the International’s top dogs and still go 17-18 holes with them. Daniel Berger clinched the win for the USA, and he was playing a tough competitor in Si Woo Kim but he still beat him 2&1.

These guys, with the exception of Phil Mickelson and Charley Hoffman are young too.

They have A LOT of Ryder Cups and President’s Cup left under their belts.

With all this being said, the rest of the world isn’t that bad, which makes this even more impressive.

You have a young Si Woo Kim fresh off a Players Championship win, Jason Day who is dominate when healthy, a veteran Adam Scott and a lot of young studs capable of playing great golf.

So for the USA to be spanking them this bad, is very very impressive.

Golf Pong Boards are a Golfers Dream Come True



Golf Pong, anyone?

Beer pong, corn hole, washers and horseshoes have long been staples of backyard and cookout games, but sometimes, you just need a golf club in your hand.

Chipping at a cookout can make you look pretty crazy. Although you may improve your short game, the divots in the lawn and you playing alone may piss some people off.

Now you can improve that short game, get a buzz on and have fun all at once.

Recently a startup company on launched a new cookout game fit for all golf fanatics.

They launched Beer Pong Boards for your next cookout.

They are boards much like corn hole, but instead of one big hole it has 10 holes the perfect size to put solo cups in.

When you buy the boards they also come with little turf mats to chip off of like the mats at a driving range.

You place the boards 12 feet away and chip away.

To make it fun you can put money in the cups and play a money game or just keep enjoying your cheap light beer while you play.

You can even customize the boards with your favorite team’s logo and other things to make them your own.

The boards are for sale as of right now but because they were launched on you buy them now and they will ship in mid October once production is finished.

These boards have been featured on Yahoo, Golf Digest, The Chive, Esquire and AOL.

The two board, two mat package has 461 backers.

If you don’t get on this now, you may be kicking yourself for it.

If you want to be the most popular guy at the next tailgate, buy these boards.

Improve your short game, get your drink on and win some golf pong games.

Pat Perez Huge Season


Pat Perez

41-Year-Old Perez Breaks Into PGA Tour

This PGA Tour season has seen some crazy ups and downs. Players winning a lot, players getting injured and even guys not playing much. But one of the bigger storylines that has kind of gone unnoticed is the sneaky rise of Pat Perez this season.

The 41-year-old golfer has had a real out of no where season.

He has only missed three cuts all season.

That is almost unheard of on tour.

To go along with that he has turned out great performances including a win at the OHL Classic at Mayakoba, T4 at the Farmers Insurance Open, T2 at the Wells Fargo Championship and T5 most recently at the Dell Technologies Championship.

This all rests on Perez receiving shoulder surgery last year and thinking he would never play again.

“It’s amazing when you grind, grind, grind forever and don’t really have problems. And when it’s taken away from you, I just had a whole different vision. I can have it all taken away. A shoulder can go out again. So I guess I’m putting everything into it.” Perez said in an interview with the Denver Post.

Now Perez is healthy and playing the best golf of his life.

He is currently ranked 35th in the world.

He came into 2017 ranked 118th in the world, so that shows for his season there alone.

If you look at the Fed Ex standing he is also having a career year there.

Last weeks 5th place finish at the Dell, guaranteed him a top 10 finish in the Fed Ex standings.

Last season he didn’t even qualify for the Fed Ex Cup so whatever happens at these next two tournaments is a huge improvement over last season.

Pat Perez is having a season for the books, and it is crazy no one is talking about it.


Surprise, Alignment Sticks Are Actually Useful


alignment sticks

Alignment sticks are often an after thought in people’s bag.

Some people like them because only good golfers use them, so it makes them look better.

But that ridiculous pole sticking out of your bag, can be put to very good use.

Here are a few things to use it for, instead of it collecting dust in your bag.

  1. Aim:

When you are at the driving range, these come into use for a lot of different drills. One of my favorite uses for an alignment stick is to practice my aim. When I get to the range I will lock in on my target and aim the alignment stick right at it. Not only will this help you with alignment, it will help you see how far left or right you are hitting the ball.

  1. Belt loop:

Stick that pole into your belt loop. You may look like a nut job but it really does help. This is a great drill to visually see what your hips are doing and how much more or less you need to use them. If you bring your hips through poorly, this is a great drill for you to do and emphasize the hip finish position.

  1. Field goal chipping:

Having trouble with that hard 5-10-yard chip shot? Here is your help. Set up two alignment stick in the ground about a foot apart. Put your intended target smack in the middle of the stick so when you fly the ball you have a small window to get it through. This will help you tighten up your chip shots.

Alignment sticks are more than an accessory. They can be so handy to work out little kinks in your game.

These drills are just a few of the very effective drills with these.

There is a million online that could help with any of your issues.

Put that Putting Matt To Use


putting matt feature

A putting matt isn’t something that should collect dust.

Yeah, I’m talking about that thing that you have put out at the past couple yard sales but no one will buy it.

That thing is actually good for your game, try using it.

Putting mats may seem a little fake because it isn’t grass obviously.

Secondly, it has no breaks for the most part so it is just a straight putt every time, but it can help, trust me.

Last winter, I was at college and there isn’t much to do. Play video games, procrastinate homework or binge watch Netflix.

I took it upon myself to perfect (as best as I could) my putting stroke.

Yeah, it is a straight putt but you can take a lot from a putting matt.

  1. Stroke: Your putting stroke should be the same thing every time. This is good practice in the off season or even your off time to practice it.
  2. Pace: Yeah, it isn’t a bent grass green. It isn’t a rolled green. But the speed is going to be consistent. Most mats are pretty long so you can place the ball at a bunch of different distances and practice pace. It is a great way to get a feel for a 5-foot knee knocker, or a tester from the end of the mat.
  3. Fun: Give your kids a chance, play with buddies, make practice fun. Practice doesn’t have to be something you grimace at the thought of.

You are going to three putt for a long time without practice.

You can’t expect to get better at something, without practicing.

So knock that dust off the box, pull that thing out and roll some putts before bed.

Oh and don’t forget your putter. I did that once, tough round the next day.

Should You Tip Cart Guys?


cart guys

We have all been in that situation at a private course, or even a public course.

The annoying kid who cleans your clubs and takes the cart away small talks his way to maybe a few dollar tip.

For the record, I can call those guys annoying because I’m one of them. I flip carts and wash clubs for some extra cash on the weekends.

But here is the great debate.

Should you tip them?

Here are rationales for both sides, and then my obvious thoughts on it.

Don’t Tip:

Well, it is their job. They get an hourly wage and they are doing exactly what their job description says. Why does this kid need to be fake nice to me? Just talk to me like a human and have a good conversation. I think it is so weird when they are quiet and or shy and the whole experience of you trying to put stuff away, while they clean your clubs is the worst.


They are going above and beyond for you. When you tip them, they remember you and make sure to treat you well. People do this regularly get the most attention and washed the best. You talk to them more and feel more connected to the for some reason or the other.

At the end of the day, just tip them. At a private course, it is worth it for many reasons. 1. They could remember you didn’t tip and not even clean your clubs. They remember who tips, so get on their good side early. Throwing 3-10 bucks at someone flipping carts isn’t going to break your bank,

Plus, most of the time, like myself, they are doing it as college kids looking for some extra money to spend on the weekends. The older guys working just want the free golf.

Take The 3 Club Challenge


Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 12.08.48 PM 3 club challegne feature

Choose Your Clubs Wisely

Next time you can play a round for fun, I have a club challenge for you.

Recently, I was getting a lesson with a local pro. He asked me a bunch of different questions about my game.

Near the end of my lesson he gave me a challenge. He told me, next time I was going out to play I should down size my bag.

He told me to bring the following clubs for 9 holes of golf.

  • 7 iron
  • One wedge
  • Putter

This may sound crazy but, this is the logic behind only bringing three clubs.

It really takes the thinking out of the game.

We have all been in a situation where we were in between a 3 wood or a hybrid, or in between an 8 or 9 iron.

Well you see, with this challenge you can’t overthink things.

Par 5?

7 iron. 7 iron. Wedge. Hopefully you make your birdie putt.

Par 3?

7 iron. Putter.

Par 4?

7 Iron. Maybe wedge? Putter.

So this makes things a lot easier on the mind.

The thing about this is that you take the mental block of club selection and distances out of your head.

You really have no expectations on tee shots because it’s only a 7 iron. If it goes 175, then you’re pumped. If it goes 150, you can live with it.

In golf, we often get so caught up in distances with our little range finders, or what club to use for this exact distance.

Golf is such a simple game, but sometimes we make it the complete opposite.

So next time you are bored, bring the kid with you and grab those three clubs.

Knock some around and see what you shoot for 9 holes.

I bet you will be shocked at the results.

Rory McIlroy Fires Long-Time Caddie J.P. Fitzgerald


Mcllroy and fitzgerald

Rory Fired Caddie JP Fitzgerald After 9 Years Together

Earlier last week one of the PGA Tour’s brightest stars Rory McIlroy made a huge change to his bag, and it didn’t involve clubs.

He fired long time caddie J.P. Fitzgerald.

This was shocking news after McIlroy finished T4 at The Open and seemed to be heating up at the right time like last year, when he made a late season run and won the Fed Ex Cup.

The two were very good friends, and to preserve the friendship, he had to go.

“Sometimes to preserve a personal relationship you might have to sacrifice a professional one, and that was sort of the decision that I came to in the end.” McIlroy said in an interview with Golf Channel about the tough decision to split up with his caddie.

He mentions that sometimes when he hit a bad shot, he would find himself blaming his caddie and not himself.

“It wasn’t an easy decision, but at the end of the day I felt like it was a change that I needed to make,” He added in the same interview.

What Now?

McIlroy will have a new looper for this weeks PGA Championship.

His name is Harry Diamond, one of McIlroy’s best friends and best man at his wedding.

Rory played well at the WGC-Bridestone with Diamond on the bag, so maybe he can carry that good play to Quail Hollow this week.

His long term caddie plans are yet to be determined.

He could stick with Diamond for the long run, or even return to Fitzgerald.

Or what I would like to see, Bones out of retirement? Could be a possibility.

No matter who is looping for him, things will stay the same.

He is going to hit the ball a mile and be in contention week in and week out.

Hopefully he can be in contention at next years Masters for the career grand slam.

Four of the Biggest One Hit Wonders in Golf History


One Hit Wonders Steve Jones 2007 U.S. Open Championship Shaun Micheel mark brooks

One-Hit-Wonders Golf Edition

In many sports you have one hit wonders.

Maybe a baseball pitcher that pitched lights out for one year, then fell off.

A quarterback who made the pro bowl then found himself in the CFL.

Golf has those, too.

Most recently we saw Danny Willett win the Masters as he edged out Jordan Spieth.

However, since then, he hasn’t done much and has been on the “down-low.”

But that isn’t a first.

Here are some of golfs biggest one hit wonders.

  1. Mark Brooks

One Hit Wonders

  • Brooks has Valhalla to thank for his little PGA Tour success. His one season on the tour, he had one win at the PGA Championship. A lot of firsts for him that week.
  1. Steve Jones

  • U.S. Open legend, Jones is one of the only people in the history of that tournament to win it as a sectional qualifier.
  1. Shaun Michael

    One Hit Wonders

  • (Not the WWE wrestler) Is one of the greatest one and dones of all time. Michael left his second shot on par 4 18 at Oak Hill a little off and had a shot out of the rough to get up and down for par and the win. The greatest seven iron shot of all time landed fractions of a second from the hole and set him up with a perfect par to win.
  1. Todd Hamilton

    One Hit Wonders

  • The rookie of the year, the former Japanese Golf Tour player had many things to put on his mantle from his time in Japan. But when it came to the PGA Tour it was short lived. He won the Honda Classic and The Open in the same year and doesn’t have a win since.

It is tough to consistently win on the PGA Tour.

Sometimes that first win can propel you to more victories on the PGA Tour, other times it does not.


The LPGA Takes A Step Back With New Rule Change


lpgs dress code

Lexi Thompson Mocks New Dress Code

The LPGA is battling for fans, viewership and most importantly an identity.

They have a great crop of talent at the top and the competition is great.

But let’s step back.

Look at all of America’s female pro sports. They all struggle very badly. Tennis is arguably the most popular.

Some LPGA tour players are very good looking. So they wear clothes to show off their bodies they work so hard for and grind day in and day out to look like.

But that seemed to annoy the LPGA.

Believe it or not, the biggest headlines the LPGA has made this year has included the rules debacle with Lexi Thompson and now this.

Here are the new guidelines for the LPGA dress code:

New LPGA Dress Code

  • Racerback without a mock or regular collar are not allowed
  • Plunging necklines not allowed
  • Leggings, unless under a skort or shorts, not allowed
  • Length of skirt, skort and shorts must be long enough to not see your bottom area (even if covered by under shorts) at any time, standing or bent over
  • Appropriate attire should be worn to Pro-Am parties. You should be dressing yourself to present a professional image. Unless otherwise told “no,” golf clothes are acceptable. Dressy jeans are allowed, but cut-offs or jeans with holes are not allowed.
  • Workout gear and jeans (all colors) are not allowed inside the ropes.
  • Jogging pants are not allowed

Seems like the LPGA players have different views on these rules as well.

LPGA veteran Christina Kim, told Golf Channel earlier this week, “Do you really need ventilation for your side-boob? It’s not going to make you score better.”

But then you have Thompson who poked fun with this picture…

In my opinion, I feel like the game kind of took a step back with these changes. Let them wear what they want, it’s just a game in the end.