Take The 3 Club Challenge


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Choose Your Clubs Wisely

Next time you can play a round for fun, I have a club challenge for you.

Recently, I was getting a lesson with a local pro. He asked me a bunch of different questions about my game.

Near the end of my lesson he gave me a challenge. He told me, next time I was going out to play I should down size my bag.

He told me to bring the following clubs for 9 holes of golf.

  • 7 iron
  • One wedge
  • Putter

This may sound crazy but, this is the logic behind only bringing three clubs.

It really takes the thinking out of the game.

We have all been in a situation where we were in between a 3 wood or a hybrid, or in between an 8 or 9 iron.

Well you see, with this challenge you can’t overthink things.

Par 5?

7 iron. 7 iron. Wedge. Hopefully you make your birdie putt.

Par 3?

7 iron. Putter.

Par 4?

7 Iron. Maybe wedge? Putter.

So this makes things a lot easier on the mind.

The thing about this is that you take the mental block of club selection and distances out of your head.

You really have no expectations on tee shots because it’s only a 7 iron. If it goes 175, then you’re pumped. If it goes 150, you can live with it.

In golf, we often get so caught up in distances with our little range finders, or what club to use for this exact distance.

Golf is such a simple game, but sometimes we make it the complete opposite.

So next time you are bored, bring the kid with you and grab those three clubs.

Knock some around and see what you shoot for 9 holes.

I bet you will be shocked at the results.

Rory McIlroy Fires Long-Time Caddie J.P. Fitzgerald


Mcllroy and fitzgerald

Rory Fired Caddie JP Fitzgerald After 9 Years Together

Earlier last week one of the PGA Tour’s brightest stars Rory McIlroy made a huge change to his bag, and it didn’t involve clubs.

He fired long time caddie J.P. Fitzgerald.

This was shocking news after McIlroy finished T4 at The Open and seemed to be heating up at the right time like last year, when he made a late season run and won the Fed Ex Cup.

The two were very good friends, and to preserve the friendship, he had to go.

“Sometimes to preserve a personal relationship you might have to sacrifice a professional one, and that was sort of the decision that I came to in the end.” McIlroy said in an interview with Golf Channel about the tough decision to split up with his caddie.

He mentions that sometimes when he hit a bad shot, he would find himself blaming his caddie and not himself.

“It wasn’t an easy decision, but at the end of the day I felt like it was a change that I needed to make,” He added in the same interview.

What Now?

McIlroy will have a new looper for this weeks PGA Championship.

His name is Harry Diamond, one of McIlroy’s best friends and best man at his wedding.

Rory played well at the WGC-Bridestone with Diamond on the bag, so maybe he can carry that good play to Quail Hollow this week.

His long term caddie plans are yet to be determined.

He could stick with Diamond for the long run, or even return to Fitzgerald.

Or what I would like to see, Bones out of retirement? Could be a possibility.

No matter who is looping for him, things will stay the same.

He is going to hit the ball a mile and be in contention week in and week out.

Hopefully he can be in contention at next years Masters for the career grand slam.

Four of the Biggest One Hit Wonders in Golf History


One Hit Wonders Steve Jones 2007 U.S. Open Championship Shaun Micheel mark brooks

One-Hit-Wonders Golf Edition

In many sports you have one hit wonders.

Maybe a baseball pitcher that pitched lights out for one year, then fell off.

A quarterback who made the pro bowl then found himself in the CFL.

Golf has those, too.

Most recently we saw Danny Willett win the Masters as he edged out Jordan Spieth.

However, since then, he hasn’t done much and has been on the “down-low.”

But that isn’t a first.

Here are some of golfs biggest one hit wonders.

  1. Mark Brooks

One Hit Wonders

  • Brooks has Valhalla to thank for his little PGA Tour success. His one season on the tour, he had one win at the PGA Championship. A lot of firsts for him that week.
  1. Steve Jones

  • U.S. Open legend, Jones is one of the only people in the history of that tournament to win it as a sectional qualifier.
  1. Shaun Michael

    One Hit Wonders

  • (Not the WWE wrestler) Is one of the greatest one and dones of all time. Michael left his second shot on par 4 18 at Oak Hill a little off and had a shot out of the rough to get up and down for par and the win. The greatest seven iron shot of all time landed fractions of a second from the hole and set him up with a perfect par to win.
  1. Todd Hamilton

    One Hit Wonders

  • The rookie of the year, the former Japanese Golf Tour player had many things to put on his mantle from his time in Japan. But when it came to the PGA Tour it was short lived. He won the Honda Classic and The Open in the same year and doesn’t have a win since.

It is tough to consistently win on the PGA Tour.

Sometimes that first win can propel you to more victories on the PGA Tour, other times it does not.


The LPGA Takes A Step Back With New Rule Change


lpgs dress code

Lexi Thompson Mocks New Dress Code

The LPGA is battling for fans, viewership and most importantly an identity.

They have a great crop of talent at the top and the competition is great.

But let’s step back.

Look at all of America’s female pro sports. They all struggle very badly. Tennis is arguably the most popular.

Some LPGA tour players are very good looking. So they wear clothes to show off their bodies they work so hard for and grind day in and day out to look like.

But that seemed to annoy the LPGA.

Believe it or not, the biggest headlines the LPGA has made this year has included the rules debacle with Lexi Thompson and now this.

Here are the new guidelines for the LPGA dress code:

New LPGA Dress Code

  • Racerback without a mock or regular collar are not allowed
  • Plunging necklines not allowed
  • Leggings, unless under a skort or shorts, not allowed
  • Length of skirt, skort and shorts must be long enough to not see your bottom area (even if covered by under shorts) at any time, standing or bent over
  • Appropriate attire should be worn to Pro-Am parties. You should be dressing yourself to present a professional image. Unless otherwise told “no,” golf clothes are acceptable. Dressy jeans are allowed, but cut-offs or jeans with holes are not allowed.
  • Workout gear and jeans (all colors) are not allowed inside the ropes.
  • Jogging pants are not allowed

Seems like the LPGA players have different views on these rules as well.

LPGA veteran Christina Kim, told Golf Channel earlier this week, “Do you really need ventilation for your side-boob? It’s not going to make you score better.”

But then you have Thompson who poked fun with this picture…

In my opinion, I feel like the game kind of took a step back with these changes. Let them wear what they want, it’s just a game in the end.

The Golfers Trunk


Golf Shoes Miscellaneous Golfers Trunk Feature (2) golf balls trunk push cart trunk Trunk Clubs CadillacXTSGolfClubs02.jpg

5 Things You Should Store In Your Car

Most golfers leave their clubs in their car trunk.

(If you don’t, start to do it, groceries can fit in the back seat and the garage space is too valuable.)

Here is an ultimate guide to what your trunk should look like, if you’re a golfer.

  1. Clubs

  • This is a no brainer. But your sticks should ALWAYS be in your trunk. Who knows when someone’s going to call for a quick 9, or maybe you get the urge to head to the driving range after work one day.


  1. Push Cart

  • One of the greatest inventions in the world. Cheaper than a cart every round and easier on the knees than lugging your bag around for a few hours. You still get the health benefits of walking, just without the added weight from your bag. Also all the compartments and holders on the cart allow you to bring everything you need.


  1. Balls

  •  Instead of having four dozen golf balls in your bag, “find” a large bucket from a driving range, or buy a small trash can. Bungee cord it to the inside of your trunk and boom, you got ball storage. If you suck like me, you will grab 10-12 before you head out each round. But then if you get lucky enough to not lose them all during your round you can just toss them back in the bucket.


  1. Shoes

  • This may stink up your trunk, but it’s worth having them. Everyone has gotten to the golf course before, opened their trunk and uttered that four letter F word when they realize they forgot their shoes in the garage. Avoid that and leave them in your trunk.

  1. Miscellaneous

  • Extra gloves, a 500 pack of tees, extra rangefinder batteries, a few old head covers and an alignment stick. Instead of storing this all in your bag, find a container and put it in your car. Not only will you make your golf bag A LOT lighter, you will always have it right there when you go to take your clubs out.


Have the ideal golf trunk by following these simple steps. You will never forget something again and you will always be ready to golf.

U.S. Senior Open Wrap Up


U.S. Senior Open Championship - Round One Senior Open Kenny-Perry

Salem Country Club in Peabody, MA was the host of this years U.S. Senior Open.

The course was the perfect location for the tournament and the big names came out to earn the Champions Tour’s most coveted trophy.

U.S. Senior Open
Salem CC

This year, they went low.

The two on top of the leaderboards finished at -16 and -14 respectively.

Kenny Perry was lights out Sunday going bogey free 68 to go with his 65, 64 and 67 for the week.

Considering the tough pin locations and firm greens on the final day, a bogey free round is worth a trophy alone.

“I felt ready to go today,” Perry said. “I had a good warm-up session … It’s our goal to always win our championship. I’ve never had such a mental challenge all week. It fell my way this week. I just can’t thank the USGA enough. This trophy goes back a long way.”

Kirk Triplett came into the day leading, but his 1 over score for the day gave the lead away to Perry who was locked in all day on bringing the hardware back to Kentucky.

U.S. Senior Open

Perry beat out some big names like Fred Couples who came in at -8, Vijay Singh -5 and Bernhard Langer -2.

According to the scores holes 2, 17 and 18 played the hardest this week.

If you have played Salem CC before, don’t get confused by that stat. They flip the 9’s for the tournament so 18 was 9, 17 was 8 and 2 was 11 if you were to play it on a normal day.

In all the tournament was a success and many of the golfers made comments about how good the fans were all week, the city of champs loves its sports.

The next time the USGA will be visiting New England will be in 2022 when the U.S. Senior Open comes to The Country Club in Brookline.

Presidents Cup Preview


Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 9.32.29 AM Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 9.32.29 AM Liberty National Presidents Cup

Just around three months until the United States takes on the international team at the 2017 Presidents Cup.

The United States holds the trophy after defeating the international team 15.5 to 14.5 in 2015.

This years Presidents Cup has all the components of being a classic.

Here are the standings for this years teams:

USA Team:


International Team:


Hard to beat that star-studded of lineups.

And for the course?

Liberty National Golf Club in Jersey City, New Jersey is a par 72 course that plays around 7,300 yards. This course is home of breathtaking views of the Statue of Liberty, the New York Harbor, Manhattan Skyline, and the Verrazano Narrows Bridge.

Presidents Cup

The golf tournament will surely be action filled as the best golfers in the world battle it out in one of the best venues the sport has to offer.

The tournament is captained by Steve Stricker on the U.S side and Nick Price on the International side.

Presidents Cup
Steve Stricker and Nick Price

The tournament is set for September 26th-October 1st and the U.S. is trying to have the showing much like they did at Hazeltine last year.

Lets just say the United States has dominated this event compared to the Ryder Cup.

The international team has only one win in 1998 and a tie in 2003.

Lets hope the U.S. can keep the trophy on our soil.

Travelers Championship Picks


Bryson+DeChambeau+Travelers+Championship+Round+kEEmarrU9hgl si woo kim Hero World Challenge - Final Round Travelers Championship

Who’s Going To Make The Cut?

Now that the U.S. Open is over, the next tournament on the docket is in our backyard – The Travelers Championship.

This year’s field is loaded with studs, which means it’s time for my predictions.

Like last weeks U.S. Open, I’m making three picks:

My “Well Duh” pick, my “Dark horse” pick, and last, but certainly not least, my “Wilfore have you ever watched golf before?” pick.

1. Well Duh = Bubba Watson

  • He is at TPC River Highlands almost every year. He knows the course like the back of his hand and probably enjoys it if he keeps coming back. Watson hasn’t exactly had the best start to 2017, having missed the cut the same amount of times he has finished in the top 10. I like Watson for the sole reason that he knows the layout of the course well. If he can string some birdies together and stay away from bogeys, he may be lifting the trophy in Hartford.Travelers Championship

2. Dark horse = Si Woo Kim

  • Riding the win at The Players and a strong performance at the U.S. Open, Kim could be someone to watch out for. He went 69, 70, 68 and then a disappointing 75 at the U.S. Open last weekend. He doesn’t hit the ball very far, but if he uses his ball striking skills he should score well at TPC River Highlands. Last year the winner came in -14, Kim shot a -7.

Travelers Championship

3. Wilfore have you ever watched golf before? = Bryson DeChambeau

  • Yup. I don’t know what it is, but I like DeChambeau. Maybe it’s the cool hat or maybe it’s because I was there at the Travelers last year when he played a good stretch of holes. Being there in person made it seem like he was the world no. 1 golfer after a few birdies. DeChambeau is due for a decent showing. Last year he actually made the cut, so there’s a positive.

Travelers Championship

Look for one of these few in the winners circle, but more realistically, just look for them to make the cut.

Should You Get Golf Lessons?


golf lessons feature

Some people have golfed their whole lives. Some pick up the game after their collegiate sporting career is over. Others pick it up as a hobby.

One thing in common with every golfer is that they learned how to swing a golf club somehow.

At a young age you may have gone to clinics or signed up for golf lessons.

When you pick up the game later in life, you may just teach yourself.

So what is the best way?

Go to a PGA pro and pay to learn the game?


Swing the club the way you think you should and learn along the way?

I will use myself as an example.

Early in my golf game, I was a freshman in college, picking up a club for the first time. I went out, shot a 120 and had the time of my life.

Fast forward a year and a half and I have officially fell in love with the game, but I couldn’t break 100. I vowed to never get golf lessons.


YouTube videos and online tutorials taught me how to swing the right way and how to fix my awful swing.

Fast forward again to my junior year in college and I had broken 100 a few times, but nothing special. I was offered a free clinic/lesson from someone I knew that was a PGA teaching pro.

At this point in the game I had so many different YouTube voices in my head and Golf Digest tutorials, I wanted to wipe the slate clean and start over.

The lesson taught me a lot I didn’t know, and went over some things I did know.

Since the lesson, I have been consistently in the low 90’s coming very close to breaking 90.

I guess what I am trying to say is that self teaching is doable.

But, it’s going to have limits. You wont score very low until you get an expert critiquing your swing.

So, put your pride away for an hour, and get a lesson. They won’t destroy your swing, they will help you work on making it better.

It’s well worth it.

The Four Best Celebrities To Play Golf With 



We all want to hang out with a celebrity.

In the golf world, playing an 18-hole round with a celebrity would be the coolest experience ever.

However, some celebrities aren’t the best at golf. Others could be decent, yet they have the personality of a Styrofoam cup.

So here are the four best celebrities to play golf with and who you can get to know after your round:

  1. Mark Wahlberg: 

    • The Boston native is quite the golfer. He plays to an 8.7 handicap and golfs very often. He recently posted an Instagram where he said his new swing coach wanted him to hit at least 150 balls a day no matter the weather. So it is safe to assume his handicap will be creeping down. But besides golf, Marky Mark is a family man who knows how to have fun and crack a few jokes. Who wouldn’t want to play a round with him?
  1. Matthew McConaughey:


    • This famous celebrity is known for his acting, but the former high school golfer can hold his own on the course. He plays to an 8.6 handicap, so he may be giving you shots. Be ready to talk though, McConaughey is one of the nicest people on Earth and seems like the perfect guy to bring out with a round with friends.
  1. Bill Murray:


    • He wasn’t on Caddieshack by chance. The 7.2 handicap will blow most amateurs away with his golf skills. He even has his own line of golf clothing, so you could say he is a pretty dedicated golfer. Maybe if you beat him in a match he will hook you up with some free swag.
  1. Samuel L. Jackson:


    • You may know him for swearing every other word in movies. But on the golf course, you will probably be swearing more than him after bad shots. Topping a ball may be a little rare for the 6.9 handicap Jackson, and more likely for you. Being able to get full rotation on his “un-athletic” golf swing (as President Trump calls it), Jackson will take your money.

Celebrities have free time once a blue moon, and when they do, they are not too bad on the course.